• Ghost of Mary at Andleberry Estate

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  • Floating Rock at Area 51

  • Cat looking at ghost

  • Energy form at Area 51

  • Alien hidden in bushes

  • Miraloma

    The picture of the child in the window was taken in Miraloma by Christian when the group was there investigating the absolutely dreadful chicken coop murders. Many children died. This child who shows up in the window is the same child with whom Virginia was communicating. ( You will have to enlarge it but it is in the furthest righthand window.
  • Little Face

  • Lone Fir Cemetery in Portland, Oregon

    The pictures of myself at the cemetery were taken at the Lone Fir Cemetery in Portland, Oregon. It was the first cemetery in Portland and many of the founders have been buried there. It Is a very active spot paranormally in that there are spots in the cemetery that you can feel the energy as you walk along and when we have been there we have gotten interesting photos, sensations of being touched, heard footsteps and even sightings. Ghost radar went nuts around the Russian section and we conducted several EVP sessions with no definitive results. These two pics were taken close to the entrance in a spot very active with touching etc. I did not feel anything touching me, but when I looked at the pics I noticed dark shadows on my neck, face and arm and questioned them. Upon enlarging them they took a particular shape. I sent them to Virginia (you) and was shocked to hear that there were a couple of old men with their hands on my neck, face and arms. But the cemetery is very active so I should not be surprised. Nancy Richling.